Inexhaustible Source of Fresh Water...


Our desalinators are designed for easy maintenance, distinguished by their simplicity, robustness, and absence of software.


High-flow portable desalinators designed for the most remote locations in the world.


Technical simplification, quick setup. Streamlined rinsing mode.


Vidéo de présentation et d’utilisation (français seulement).

Designed for residences, marinas, hotels, charters, and communities.


- 160 liters per hour (160LH), priced at 6990€ ($7580 US).
- 240 liters per hour (240LH), priced at 8390€ ($9095 US).

(plus applicable taxes and shipping)

The desalination of seawater requires a few preventive measures that we invite you to read, to ensure the best quality of water for consumption.

Produce fresh water from sea water.

Technical simplification

Transportable and versatile. Specifically designed for islands and remote areas, quick and simplified setup, rapid rinsing. Guaranteed use and production, whether on land or at sea. Easy system visualization, even for novice users.

160 or 240 liters per hour

Two options available: 160 to 240 liters per hour at 220 volts, solar option available upon request at 24/48 volts. This desalinator is designed for intensive use, 24 hours a day, in the most remote areas, where efficiency is paramount.

Daily production of 6000 liters

The maximum daily production is around 6000 liters (1585 gallons) with the Tahiti 240 LH model, which corresponds to the capacity to serve nearly 38 isolated individuals in terms of fresh water supply (according to French standards).

A Canada/France collaboration

The Tahiti models of 160 and 240 liters per hour were developed in French Polynesia by the founder of Palmex International Canada. The technical realization is provided by Jovial Marine in La Ciotat, France.

Si vous souhaitez commander nos dessalinisateurs ou obtenir plus d’informations, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter.

Jovial Dessalinisateur Pacifique (Ocana) basé au Canada est le représentant unique commercial responsable des îles du Pacifique et de l’Amérique du Nord. Nous adoptons une politique coordonnée avec Jovial Marine basée en France.